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The pipe fitting factory of our haihao group just finished the fittings order of piping system for airplane fuel last month,the order products are steel pipes and pipe fittings with 3PLE external coating and epoxy paint internal lining.


This air fuel project has a very high quality requirement, we did our best level to proceed production from the begining. The fittings raw material are from TPCO, the material are as per project technical requirement, specification is according to ASME B16.9 and ASME B16.25 standard.


The most important technical requirement of these fittings are external coating and internal linning. The pipings are for Jet A1 fuel, so we choose the Carboline 187 paint as the linning painting marterial, which is according to the Aerospace Material Standards. It proved that the carboline 187 lining quality is very good. After dried,the film thickness can reach the quality request easily which can make sure the quality of the piping system in future. Additional,the adhesion between the steel pipe and prime is excellent.The outside finish of pipes are 3LPE coating (three layers of polyethylene coating) which has good corrosion resistance.


These epoxy paint coating pipe fittings has been deliveried out from haihao group. This is the first part of the fuel project, our fittings will be tested in application. we are looking forward to receive the feedback and satisfactory from our clients.


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